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Art Jam - Flow on Flow by slaXor86 Art Jam - Flow on Flow by slaXor86
For 's second art jam.

So this is how it went down:

The son of Dr. Gero (first art jam, to which I didn't submit anything) came to planet Jekki where Flow was training.
Flow didn't think much of the little odd looking guy and tried taking him down in a few well placed hits.

No such luck.

The little guy put up quite a fight and even forced Flow to go SSJ2. With a lucky shot out of desperation, Flow forced his opponent to flee. Flow knew the fight wasn't over so he shifted gears on his training.

Time passed. On day, Flow faced a new foe. HIMSELF! An evil version of himself, that is.
The son of Dr. Gero had cloned Flow to, uh, take care of Flow. A fierce fight raged but neither of the fighters took any damage. They were evenly matched. I mean, seriously. Try fighting yourself and see what happens -____-

The evil Flow then came out with a surprise. Not only had Dr. Gero's son cloned Flow, but he had also improved his power and speed. Flow saw this as a bluff, turned SSJ2 and attacked his evil clone in anger. Sadly, the clone was telling the truth. The clone also turned SSJ2 and put the smack down on poor unsuspecting Flow.

The fight seemed hopeless to Flow. Unless...

Flow supressed his ki and went back to his normal form.
This is what he had trained himself to do after the fight hith Gero's son. Just in case.

His ki was so supressed that the clone couldn't tell where Flow had gone to.

Flow only had one chance left, he thought. Super saiyan 2, ultra edition! That is, going USSJ when in SSJ2 form. Flow's special technique. Flow figured that the clone could do this as well, hence the running away.

When Flow had fled far away, he turned SSJ2 again and started the transformation. The clone quickly flew off to the expanding ki he was sensing.

Flow was shocked to see that the clone had found him so quickly. But, something was off.
The clone wasn't transforming! He couldn't!
Flow never did go USSJ2 against Gero's son, so maybe he never collected the data on how to do it.

With Flow's greatly upgraded power, he made mince meat out of the clone thanks to a well placed beam of ki that shredded the clone.

Flow survived to fight another day. YAY!

Man, that was corny o_o

Took me a while to draw this. Background sucks :I
JdeeChan Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2007
awww I think you did a good job...
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January 16, 2007
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